The labs contain snippets of experiments, prototypes and other projects we've produced over the years. Check back often for new content!





Townsized is a city simulation experiment close to classic simulation games. Construct buildings, build transport routes and expand various residential, commercial and industrial structures.

The game is currently not in active development.

Kenney Studio


Kenney Studio was a tool to easily create 2D game sprites using various pre-made graphics. The project has been replaced with Asset Forge, currently under active development.

More information (not available for download)

Game modding


Mods (modifications) allow users to create their own content and add them to existing games. The Parkitect mod(s) we've made were added to the base game later on.

Mods were created for use with LEGO® Racers, The Elder Scrolls® V: Skyrim™ and Parkitect



To improve workflow with creative software we've created various plug-ins. The Adobe Animate plug-ins are made available for download below.

Adobe Animate

count.jsfl (Displays number of selected objects)
grid.jsfl (Arrange on grid)
random.jsfl (Randomly moves vector edges)
sharp.jsfl (Sharpen each vector edge)
simplify.jsfl (Removes half of vector edges)
size.jsfl (Change size/position of object to pixel perfect)


renderPNG (Renders screen to PNG file)
sceneSelect (Dialog for quickly switching scenes) (2.38 kB)



Internally known as 'Origami' the engine would position and rotate flat sprites into a 3D environment. This results in a basic 3D engine that allowed for a wide variety of games. Prototypes were made for a first person shooter, an open world simulation (see screenshot) and a racing game.

The technology was used in Cyroad.

Flash games


Over the course of 10 years we've created over 70 browser-based games ranging from casual puzzle games to games featuring full motion video. Check out some of our most popular titles (Flash Player required):


Slip 'n Slide